Comprising 358 color sets taken over a period of 24 hours, the movie follows Earth through one complete rotation. The spacecraft was 40,761 miles (65,598 kilometers) above South America at the beginning of the sequence on August 2. A day later, MESSENGER was 270,847 miles (435,885 kilometers) away from Earth, farther than the orbit of our Moon, when it snapped the last image on August 3. The Earth departure sequence is also available in movie format.

Each color set was acquired in three visible-light wavelengths (C, D, and E filters at 480, 560 and 630 nm) to form a "natural" color image. The frames are also available packaged in tar archives for easy download.

MDIS Earth Movie Frames

EW0031509048C: PNG
EW0031509051D: PNG
EW0031509054E: PNG

EW0031509288C: PNG
EW0031509291D: PNG
EW0031509294E: PNG

EW0031509528C: PNG
EW0031509531D: PNG
EW0031509534E: PNG

EW0031509768C: PNG
EW0031509771D: PNG
EW0031509774E: PNG

EW0031510008C: PNG
EW0031510011D: PNG
EW0031510014E: PNG

EW0031510248C: PNG
EW0031510251D: PNG
EW0031510254E: PNG

EW0031510488C: PNG
EW0031510491D: PNG
EW0031510494E: PNG

EW0031510728C: PNG
EW0031510731D: PNG
EW0031510734E: PNG

EW0031510968C: PNG
EW0031510971D: PNG
EW0031510974E: PNG

EW0031511208C: PNG
EW0031511211D: PNG
EW0031511214E: PNG

EW0031511448C: PNG
EW0031511451D: PNG
EW0031511454E: PNG

EW0031511688C: PNG
EW0031511691D: PNG
EW0031511694E: PNG

EW0031511928C: PNG
EW0031511931D: PNG
EW0031511934E: PNG

EW0031512168C: PNG
EW0031512171D: PNG
EW0031512174E: PNG

EW0031512408C: PNG
EW0031512411D: PNG
EW0031512414E: PNG

EW0031512648C: PNG
EW0031512651D: PNG
EW0031512654E: PNG

EW0031512888C: PNG
EW0031512891D: PNG
EW0031512894E: PNG

EW0031513128C: PNG
EW0031513131D: PNG
EW0031513134E: PNG

EW0031513368C: PNG
EW0031513371D: PNG
EW0031513374E: PNG

EW0031513608C: PNG
EW0031513611D: PNG
EW0031513614E: PNG

EW0031513848C: PNG
EW0031513851D: PNG
EW0031513854E: PNG

EW0031514088C: PNG
EW0031514091D: PNG
EW0031514094E: PNG

EW0031514328C: PNG
EW0031514331D: PNG
EW0031514334E: PNG

EW0031514568C: PNG
EW0031514571D: PNG
EW0031514574E: PNG

EW0031514808C: PNG
EW0031514811D: PNG
EW0031514814E: PNG

EW0031515048C: PNG
EW0031515051D: PNG
EW0031515054E: PNG

EW0031515288C: PNG
EW0031515291D: PNG
EW0031515294E: PNG

EW0031515528C: PNG
EW0031515531D: PNG
EW0031515534E: PNG

EW0031515768C: PNG
EW0031515771D: PNG
EW0031515774E: PNG

EW0031516008C: PNG
EW0031516011D: PNG
EW0031516014E: PNG

EW0031516248C: PNG
EW0031516251D: PNG
EW0031516254E: PNG

EW0031516488C: PNG
EW0031516491D: PNG
EW0031516494E: PNG

EW0031516728C: PNG
EW0031516731D: PNG
EW0031516734E: PNG

EW0031516968C: PNG
EW0031516971D: PNG
EW0031516974E: PNG

EW0031517208C: PNG
EW0031517211D: PNG
EW0031517214E: PNG

EW0031517448C: PNG
EW0031517451D: PNG
EW0031517454E: PNG

EW0031517688C: PNG
EW0031517691D: PNG
EW0031517694E: PNG

EW0031517928C: PNG
EW0031517931D: PNG
EW0031517934E: PNG

EW0031518168C: PNG
EW0031518171D: PNG
EW0031518174E: PNG

EW0031518408C: PNG
EW0031518411D: PNG
EW0031518414E: PNG

EW0031518648C: PNG
EW0031518651D: PNG
EW0031518654E: PNG

EW0031518888C: PNG
EW0031518891D: PNG
EW0031518894E: PNG

EW0031519128C: PNG
EW0031519131D: PNG
EW0031519134E: PNG

EW0031519368C: PNG
EW0031519371D: PNG
EW0031519374E: PNG

EW0031519608C: PNG
EW0031519611D: PNG
EW0031519614E: PNG

EW0031519848C: PNG
EW0031519851D: PNG
EW0031519854E: PNG

EW0031520088C: PNG
EW0031520091D: PNG
EW0031520094E: PNG

EW0031520328C: PNG
EW0031520331D: PNG
EW0031520334E: PNG

EW0031520568C: PNG
EW0031520571D: PNG
EW0031520574E: PNG

EW0031520808C: PNG
EW0031520811D: PNG
EW0031520814E: PNG

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