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Color Mosaics of The Moon

These views of the Moon were created from the global 5 band basemap produced by the USGS Flagstaff, University of Arizona, Northwestern University, Applied Coherent Technology, University of Hawaii, Brown University. Colors are formed by displaying the 950 nm mosaic in red, the 750 nm mosaic in green, and the 415 nm mosaic in blue.  The original mosaic was released on a series of 78 CDROMS containing 996 tiles (NASA PDS CDROM Volumes CL_4001 - CL_4078).

Centered on 0 degrees longitude. Global View.

 Click here for a high resolution image in tiff format (~21 Mbytes) .

Lunar Nearside Lunar nearside.

 Click here for a larger image in tiff format (~38 Mbytes) .

Centered on 270 degrees longitude. Lunar farside.

 Click here for a larger image in tiff format (~40 Mbytes) .

Five Band Color Mosaics

Large area 5 band UVVIS mosaics (table below) were created from the 996 tiles stored on 78 NASA PDS CDROMS. The have been reprojected and mosaicked into simple cylindrical projection. The ISIS files were compressed using the gzip utility. Please credit USGS Astrogeology for any use.
DescriptorFormatSize Compressed/Uncompressed
Western Hemisphere 500 m Western Hemisphere 500 m/pixel (90°S to 90°N, 180°W to 360°W) ISIS0.8 / 1.2 Gbytes
Eastern Hemisphere 500 m Eastern Hemisphere 500 m/pixel (90°S to 90°N, 0° to 180°W) ISIS0.8 / 1.2 Gbytes
Mid latitudes Band 500 m Mid Latitudes 500 m/pixel(70°S to 70°N, 0° to 360°W) ISIS1.3 / 1.9 Gbytes
Mid latitudes Band 1 km Mid Latitudes 1000 m/pixel(70°S to 70°N, 0° to 360°W) ISIS0.3/0.5 Gbytes

Clementine NIR Global mosaics in similar format (USGS Flagstaff)

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