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Image Number0166766
Start Time1974-09-21T21:13:22.482Z
Latitude4.67° to 24.69°
Longitude74.69° to 92.07°
Resolution (meters per pixel)445
Product ID27475
Incidence Angle19.89°
Emission Angle59.67°
Phase Angle41.49°
Filter Number5
Filter NameCLEAR
Exposure Duration (ms)11.4
Instrument IDB
Subspacecraft Latitude-36.64°
Subspacecraft Longitude114.61°
Subsolar Latitude
Subsolar Longitude99.64°
Instrument Declination13.17°
Instrument Right Ascension256.41°
Instrument Twist281.17°
Planet Declination61.45°
Planet Right Ascension281.02°
Planet Rotation175.12°

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