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MESSENGER MDIS 11 Filter Color Test Images

The MDIS camera was able to acquire critical test images through 11 filters during portions of the Earth flyby. Since each image with a different filter is taken about 5 seconds apart, there are slight offsets from frame to frame within a single color set. Two different three-filter combinations were processed such that each filter was registered to within 1/10 of a pixel of each other.

The first color picture in each row of the table was formed by compositing the co-registered C, D, and E filters (480, 560, 630 nm) to form a "natural" color image. Of course, natural color is in the eye of the beholder, everybody sees colors a little differently, and the filters do not exactly match average human color sensitivity, but they come pretty close.

The second color version shows us the Earth in a combination of visible and near-infrared light (D, E, and G filters). Continents appear red because chlorophyll in vegetation is highly reflective in the near-infrared.

The Earth departure movie frames were taken only in the three visible-light filters.

If you want to try your hand at making different color composites, all 11-filter images are available to the right of the composites. Remember that to get really sharp images, you may need to shift the filters relative to each other a small amount using your favorite image manipulation software.

  EW0031477633C: PNG
EW0031477638D: PNG
EW0031477643E: PNG
EW0031477648F: PNG
EW0031477653G: PNG
EW0031477658H: PNG
EW0031477663I: PNG
EW0031477668J: PNG
EW0031477673K: PNG
EW0031477678L: PNG
EW0031477683A: PNG
  EW0031489448C: PNG
EW0031489453D: PNG
EW0031489458E: PNG
EW0031489463F: PNG
EW0031489468G: PNG
EW0031489473H: PNG
EW0031489478I: PNG
EW0031489483J: PNG
EW0031489488K: PNG
EW0031489493L: PNG
EW0031489498A: PNG
  EW0031489808A: PNG
EW0031489813L: PNG
EW0031489818K: PNG
EW0031489823J: PNG
EW0031489828I: PNG
EW0031489833H: PNG
EW0031489838G: PNG
EW0031489843F: PNG
EW0031489848E: PNG
EW0031489853D: PNG
EW0031489858C: PNG
  EW0031507148C: PNG
EW0031507153D: PNG
EW0031507158E: PNG
EW0031507163F: PNG
EW0031507168G: PNG
EW0031507173H: PNG
EW0031507178I: PNG
EW0031507183J: PNG
EW0031507188K: PNG
EW0031507193L: PNG
EW0031507198A: PNG
  EW0031507508A: PNG
EW0031507513L: PNG
EW0031507518K: PNG
EW0031507523J: PNG
EW0031507528I: PNG
EW0031507533H: PNG
EW0031507538G: PNG
EW0031507543F: PNG
EW0031507548E: PNG
EW0031507553D: PNG
EW0031507558C: PNG

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