By Emerson Speyerer, Mark Robinson, and Peter Thomas

Welcome to the Field Geology Guide of 433 Eros. Even though humans have never been to 433 Eros, the NEAR’s Multi-Spectral Imager has sent back images that give us a close up look at the geology of 433 Eros. Using the links on the left, you may learn more about the broad, intermediate, and small-scale geology of Eros. The site also consists of many mosaics and movies that were created throughout the yearlong orbital phase of the mission. In addition you may also interact with 3-D models of the asteroid using a Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) enabled browser. For additional information on NEAR visit the official NEAR web site.

Mosaics & Movies


We thank the Mission Design, Mission Operations, and Spacecraft Teams of the NEAR Project at the Applies Physics Laboratory of John Hopkins University and the Navigation Team at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for their dedicated and successful efforts that resulted in making NEAR Shoemaker the first spacecraft to successfully orbit and land on an asteroid. The NEAR Shoemaker mission and this work were made possible by NASA. Production of this volume was part of E. Speyerer's 2001 summer internship through Northwestern University's Illinois Space Grant Program(directed by professor M. Ulmer, Department of Physics and Astronomy).