Paper cut out model of asteroid 433 Eros!

433 Eros (Gif File 0.2 mbytes)

Encapsulated Postscript File (1.1 mbytes) of the same Eros Model (1.1 Mbytes).

The 433 Eros paper model was made using the ORBIT mission planning software by Emily Peters, NASA summer intern at Northwestern University. ORBIT was developed by Brian Carcich at Cornell University for the Near Earth Asteroid Mission (NEAR). The NEAR spacecraft made a close approach to 433 Eros in December of 1998 and acquired a series of images of about 70% of the asteroid. Using these images and Earth-based observations, Peter Thomas and Jonathan Joseph (Cornell University) determined the shape of Eros upon which this model is based. The font used in the Postscript version is Helvetica, if your postscript viewer does not support the Helvetica font, annotations may not fit on the page properly.

Last updated: June 28, 1999