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Geologic History of the Moon, Don Wilhelms

US Geological Survey Professional Paper 1348 (Raw PDF Scans)

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Since 1987 The Geologic History of the Moon ( D. Wilhelms) has remained the cornerstone reference for all lunar geologists, and was originally published as United States Geological Survey Professional Paper 1348. Unfortunately this volume has long been out of print.

Northwestern University Center for Planetary Sciences has disassembled a copy and scanned each page at a resolution of 200 dpi on a Lanier LD 060 production scanner. The color plates and chapter cover pages were scanned at a higher resolution (300dpi) on a high resolution Agfa flatbed scanner. Production and editing was done using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Acrobat on a Macintosh G4 laptop computer. The chapters are typically 15-30 Mbytes in size with the largest being 50 Mbytes (Chapter 10). The pdf containing all the color plates is about 40 Mbytes, full resolution versions of each plate are also available in portable network graphics (PNG) format, and are typically 10 to 20 Mbytes each. The dimensions of the original book are 11 inches by 14.5 inches. Text searchable versions are also available - and are typically three times smaller.

Raw Scans Adobe PDF Files

Scanning, processing, and editing by Sandy Yoon, Carmen Salas, Julie Beck, and Mark Robinson of the Northwestern University Center for Planetary Sciences and Department of Geological Sciences. Many thanks to Paul Spudis (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory) for contributing a copy of the book for dismantling and scanning.

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