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Lunar Resources: Documents

Meteor Crater in Northern Central Arizona, D.M. Barringer, 1909
Impact Mechanics at Meteor Crater, Arizona, Eugene Shoemaker PhD Dissertation, 1959
The Moon - IAU Symposium 14, Stratigraphic Basis for a Lunar Time Scale, 1960
   * Hi-resolution of Figure 2 from Stratigraphic Basis for a Lunar Time Scale
Interplanetary Correlation of Geologic Time, Advances in the Astronautical Sciences, 1963
USGS Prof. Paper 785, Petrology and Stratigraphy of Apollo 14 Site, 1972
USGS Interagency Report: Astrogeology 55, Geologic Mapping of the Second Planet, 1972
USGS Prof. Paper 1046-B, Lunar Remote Sensing Measurements, 1980

Lunar Resources: Web Pages

LPI Lunar Web Page
Low resolution scans of Apollo Hasselblad Photography (LPI)
Digital Scans of Lunar Maps (LPI)
Apollo Over the Moon: A View From Orbit
Apollo Lunar Surface Journal
Apollo Sample Collection at JSC
USGS Lunar Data

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