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Clementine Global 750 nm basemap produced by USGS Flagstaff, resampled to 500 m/pixel and 2 km (original data 100 m/pixel), ISIS format. Pixel values represent I/F normalized to 30 degrees incidence, 0 degrees emission. DNs linearly stretched from 0.06 to 0.36 (simple cylindrical projection) in the TIFF files.

clem750_500m_usgs.cub (ISIS format, 500 Mbytes)
clem750_500m_usgs.tif (TIFF format, 240 Mbytes)
clem750_2km_usgs.cub (ISIS format, 30 Mbytes)
clem750_2km_usgs.tif (TIFF format, 15 Mbytes, 0=0.06 255=0.36)

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