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Lava Flows in Elysium Region.

This mosaic is composed of 7 frames (651a08 through 651a14) acquired by the Viking I spacecraft and covers a region of exteremely well preserved lava flows on the martian surface. Photoclinometry was used to derive profiles across some of these flows in order to determine their shapes.   The area shown is centered near 32 North and 214 West, and the resolution is about 50 m/pixel in the original images.

Large Normal Stretch Version of this image (3.2 Mbytes).

Hard Stretch Version of this image (3.2 Mbytes). The original mosaic was stretched 32-191 to 0-255.

Hi Pass Filter Version of this image (3.7 Mbytes). A 151 x 151 box filter was applied with 0.8 of the original image added back to preserve shading.

250 pixel gridded Version of this image (3.3 Mbytes)

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