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Apollinaris Patera.

Apollinaris Patera: This martian volcano is found along the border between the ancient martian highlands and the younger northern lowlands.  It is characterized by a large caldera (~60 km diameter), a basal scarp, and a large fan that emanates from the caldera and covers the southern flanks.  Like other martian volcanoes it appears to have undergone episodes of both explosive and effusive eruptions.  The color information in this mosaic of Apollinaris Patera comes from a series of color frames acquired by Viking 1 during orbit 468S (~350 m/pixel). To sharpen details of morphology, the color mosaic was merged with a higher resolution (~180  m/pixel) series of images acquired during orbit 088A.   For more information on Apollinaris Patera see:

Robinson et al., Chronology, Eruption Duration, and Atmospheric Contribution of the Martian Volcano Apollinaris Patera, Icarus, 104, pp. 301-323, 1993.

Scott, D.H., J.M. Dohm, D.J. Applebee, Geologic Map of Science Study Area 8, Apollinaris Patera Region of Mars,
(Special MTM-10186 Quadrangle), USGS Misc. Investigations Series,  MAP-I-2351, 1993.

Full Resolution TIFF Version of this image (5.5 Mbytes).

Perspective view of Apollinaris Patera generated from Viking based topography and the merged color mosaic shown above (Full Resolution TIFF Version 23 Mbytes). Reduced resolution JPEG Version (36 KByte)

Compared with Hawaii JPEG Version of this image (0.5 Mbytes).

Compared with Hawaii TIFF Version of this image (10.4 Mbytes).

Ceraunius Tholus, Uranius Tholus, and Uranius Patera

Ceraunius Tholus, Uranius Tholus, and Uranius Patera. These relatively old volcanoes are found NE of the giant martian Tharsis Montes (25 North Latitude, 95 W longitude). Lighting direction is from the west for images from orbit 516A (left part of mosaic) and from the east for the images from 857A (right side of mosaic). Each segment of scale bar is 100 km, north is to the top. (PICNOS 516A21-24, 857A43-46; 200 and 250 m/pixel respectively).

Full Resolution TIFF Version of this image (2.3 Mbytes).

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